Conscious Planet products are like nothing else I’ve tried, and I am really picky and have spent my life obsessively trying every supplement out there. At first I was skeptical, but after a week on the shakes I started glowing and had amazing energy. I took them consistently then I ran out and I was off for 1 week and felt terrible. It’s always a reminder of how low our ‘average standards” of health actually are. When I radiate power, positivity and grace, it’s when I’m taking conscious planet. All my cravings are gone, I have an abundant amount of energy throughout the day, and my mind is clear and heart open. To me it is worth every penny and I see this as an investment in my health, wealth and how I can help the world when I am at my best.”

Jannine Murray

Fitness Specialist

Conscious Planet has provided me with the most enlightening education and high potency health supplements to perform with more power than I ever imagined! I’ve managed to turn back the clock through healing plenty of debilitating physical injuries and overcoming years of depression and bipolar like symptoms. I feel endless gratitude because I’m ready to be world champion.”

Jesse Pettersen

Professional Long Driver

I have been taking the Conscious Planet products for eight years now and have never found anything that can come close in comparison. I am now getting the “High Performance Pack” every month and am seriously blown away as I witness my body healing itself completely of old injuries and ailments. I have never felt so rich in nutrients, so alive with energy and so strong in my body. I’ve been a healthy eater for a long time, but I was still always hitting my wall because as I am now learning, I was nutrient deficient. As I am topping my resources back up I finally have the energy to train for golf, thrive with my business and balance the other areas of my life without feeling like I am totally drained at the end of the day. I’ve never felt better and I’m so grateful to Conscious Planet for making these products available to me!”

Bradley T Morris

Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Athlete

I have suffered from digestive disorders for many years and tried EVERYTHING. Charles mentioned Transcend and I gave it a try. I was amazed that within a couple of days I felt relief from the discomfort, anxiousness, and bloating I was experiencing. I ate it all in a couple of weeks! It is my favourite Conscious Planet product now! Thanks Charles.

Jerry DesVoignes


Woke up this morning feeling extraordinarily well!I was lighter, felt energy in my now much flatter belly and trim waistline, but also grounded in my feet with clearer vision. Improvements from head to toe!Bowel movements are amazing, no more bloating and my energy is starting to come up.It has only taken me a few weeks.I have to say it’s good having the same results without having to dramatically alter my lifestyle as in the Master Cleanse or Juice Fasts. I have continued to eat three meals a day but I am still cleansing and getting all those benefits.My diet has consisted of lots of delicious salads, sprouts, steamed or stir fried veggies, soups, beans, soaked seeds or nuts, avocados, hemp protein shakes. I have not felt deprived at all. Thank you for designing a program that is absolutely doable in our busy city lifestyles.


Certified Hand Analyst