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We are excited and inspired to continue the mission to provide you with the premium products that meet the standards of excellence and introducing new programs that will enhance the benefits of our products and further enrich your journey towards Holistic Living.  xo Symentha



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I am so grateful for the influence of Conscious Planet upon my eating regime. The products that they provide have helped me cleanse and energize my body in ways that other nutritional products have not. A drink of Shapeshift or Transform in the morning is enough to keep me focused and levelheaded throughout my work and play days. I gratitude dance every time a box of their goodies shows up on my doorstep! I would recommend anyone looking to go beyond their current health limitations get on the Conscious Planet program and watch their body and life transform. You’ll be dancing in gratitude too!”

Matthew Ashdown

Sacred Technology Host

Conscious Planet products are like nothing else I’ve tried, and I am really picky and have spent my life obsessively trying every supplement out there. At first I was skeptical, but after a week on the shakes I started glowing and had amazing energy. I took them consistently then I ran out and I was off for 1 week and felt terrible. It’s always a reminder of how low our ‘average standards” of health actually are. When I radiate power, positivity and grace, it’s when I’m taking conscious planet. All my cravings are gone, I have an abundant amount of energy throughout the day, and my mind is clear and heart open. To me it is worth every penny and I see this as an investment in my health, wealth and how I can help the world when I am at my best.”

Jannine Murray

Fitness Specialist

In 1990, I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Before I started taking meds, despite a relatively healthy diet, my anxiety was actually so intense I didn’t even know what I was feeling, and my obsessionality was so intense it actually caused physical pain. As recently as 2007, I rushed myself to the pharmacy to relieve symptoms after forgetting to refill my prescription for only 3 days. 9 months later (and 3 months after starting Conscious Planet), I ran out of meds and got busy again, but a week later I was astonished to find that I no longer had any obsessionality. I’ve now been off my meds for over 7 years with no relapse. And best of all, my cravings for other foods disappear within a day on Conscious Planet.”

Orion Carrier


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Bio Hero symentha

A Personal Message From Symentha,
The Creator of Sacred Superfood


After being in the Hemp & Health Industry for over 20 years with my family – I’ve tried ALL the latest and greatest. Supplements, protein powders, cleansing products, elixirs, tinctures, meal replacements and exotic superfoods.  What I have learned is that NOTHING compares to hemp nutrition, high vibe superfoods and holistic living.

After these health “experiences and  experiments’” and living a daily hemp life with my family company Hempco Canada-my passion for hemp and desire to share it with the world, inspired me to source out the best quality ingredients to create my own brand.

When you purchase a Sacred Superfood product,  you are assured of this:

You will get a product created with love and integrity, organic and proudly Canadian, non GMO and best of all – you get the magic of Hemp.

It is my profound belief that your health is SACRED and so are YOU!

Symentha xo